Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cautions before hiring maid or servant

Day by day our lifestyle become faster and everyone has very lesst time to devote time with family members. In the present time all of us are working specially in middle class families therefore they have no time for spare with children and elderly parents.

That’s way we all need maids & house hold servants for taking care of children and elderly dependent parents but some time they are misused our situations and they take advantage do some kidnapping,  thefts’, robberies and even murders and other fraud cases. Most of the time Employer’s ignorance has reposible for such crimes.

Ascon Detective Network Pvt. Ltd provide you some advice that “how employer deal with servant?”

-       We have to deal with politely civilize manner because they are human and wants proper respect.

-       We have to provide proper food, clothes and proper money.

-       Take care of health and safety of your servants.

-       Give them time frame for work more work should not be got done by the servants.

-       Do not blaming them for each and every things if you are not sure, some time forgive them.

-       Appreciate them when they perform well.

These some point are belong to an employers. Remember that they all domestic servants belonged to poor family back ground and not educated, so we cannot trust with them.

Whenever we listened these kinds of news from news channel and other sources about domestic servant’s violence or crime we think on this but not taken future care for self protection or servant verifications.

This is happened because of we are not investigating about servants and last we suffered some time we lost our dearest member or much more ...

Ascon Detectives provides you some awareness tips and guidelines before hiring domestic servants.

 Take 2 photographs with Id and address proof.

  Submit 1 photo and address proof at near police station for verification and wait for approval.

  Do not talk about your business deals in front of servant.

  Do not keep large amount of cash and jewellery in house.

  Do not leave small child along with servant.

  Tell your friends and gusts that they never talk about more in front of servant.

  Keep alert your servant's movements, interests and friends.

  Don’t provide keys to servant, maybe he make duplicate of its.

  For take care you can watch your servant through CCTV and PIR.

  It is best if you appoint your servant through agency.

 So, we have verified through reached all given points for avoided the problems faced by domestic servants.

 What do you think about that? If you have some suggestions. Please share with us.

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